Maryanne Wells Writes for Charity Scavenger Hunt

Peacock Pygg Publications is happy to recognize author Maryanne Wells, who recently took time to write for charity and became a internationally hunted scavenger item.

GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, is an annual online fundraiser for Random Acts of Kindness. The scavenger hunt challenges competitors on international teams, pulling them out of their comfort zones to tackle fun and unconventional challenges. One of the challenges for 2014: persuade a published science fiction author to write a 140 word short story with actor Misha Collins, an Elopus, and the Queen of England as characters.

A Texas woman successfully hunted Maryanne Wells, persuading the author of science fiction book The Heart’s Fire to accept the intense GISHWHES writing challenge.

To read Maryanne’s take on her experience and her 140 word fiction masterpiece, visit Maryanne’s personal webpage.

We at Peacock Pygg salute Maryanne and congratulate her. She found a way to share her talents with the world while challenging herself with strict time and submission requirements. Maybe this author’s just a glutton for punishment, but we love her. Write on, Maryanne.