Maryanne Wells Wins Steampunk Poetry Contest

Peacock Pygg Publications, LLC, is happy to congratulate author Maryanne Wells. The talented and lovely Ms. Wells won first place in the 2014 AMA-Con Steampunk Poetry Competition sponsored by Blackbead Books. Requirements for the entry included a steampunk theme and a total length of thirty-two lines or less. Ms. Wells learned about the competition during AMA-Con, worked on her entry between book autograph sessions, and completed her poem in time for the afternoon reading.

The competition was organized as a poetry slam, with competitors going to the AMA-Con main stage to read their entries before throngs of costumed fans.

“When the judges announced that part of the final score would come from presentation, I felt like I had a chance of winning,” Ms. Wells explained, following the final judgment. “There were some great poems entered in the contest. I didn’t feel one hundred percent about having the best poem, but having just finished a recording of my second audio book, I felt like I could definitely give an emotional reading.”

Asked about future Steampunk Poetry contests, Ms. Wells expressed an interest in exploring a different role in the future.

“If Blackbead Books sponsors a contest at 2015 AMA-con, I’d be interested in judging. Competing’s a lot of fun, but I think it would be nice to start a tradition of adding the prior year’s winner to the judging panel,” said Ms. Wells.

Maryanne Wells’ winning poem, “Alysa”, will be added to her book “Pirate Pearls” and be available September of 2014, in time for International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

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Maryanne Wells at AMA-Con 2014

Maryanne Wells
at AMA-Con 2014